Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Six

The saddest song I never heard.
The entire earth must play.
That of artworks failing their hooks.
No man should fear that way.

#1414Full beard on One side Slim beard on the Other and a Golf Cart also unappreciated at Work

#1415Boat Massage why can't you forget your Flows and Ebb's and Let Things Fall stacked like Things un-Said

#1416In Georgia as good a place as any. Faculty A vs faculty B. I learned about taking care of it. Doughnut-and-a-Tea.

#1417A Large billboard sized Photo of my Father in my Backyard teaching a class of Fifty Forest Critters every Sunrise

#1418But today has-told me allot today. Eagles fly like ducks. My stove range worships the best schematic. And bets aboves on me for luck.

#1419What I saw, in bamboo. The funniness in a star. That an evening inside out. Is what the visions are.

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